AB7 Innovation is the research and development of the AB7 Group dedicated to the development and the industrial transfer of innovations resulting from the various research programs conducted by the company for its own purposes, or for those of its customers through collaborations or collaborative programs. AB7 Innovation consolidates the know-how acquired over more than 40 years in chemical formulation, in microbiology, entomology expertise, active polymers and industrial processes. In direct contact with the actors of the market, AB7 Innovation brings new approaches and solutions ready to be commercialized for the regulated industries of human health, animal health, biocides for the domestic environment treatment and biocontrol treatment of in sustainable agriculture.

A team of 18 researchers with complementary skills focus on chemistry, biology, materials and associated processes, lead development process from analysis of the specifications to the industrial transfer. The mix of our ideas and our expertise every year generates approximately half a dozen patents and models that bring value to our exclusive offers.